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This superb book has been compiled with the help of all past convention organisers, it will be a trip down memory lane for many conventioneers. It has 328 pages, 8x10 inches, hundreds of b/w photos, history of the conventions, how each was put together in the words of the Grand Sheiks, quotes from the celebrities and Sons, convention logos, convention data, awards, gags, costumes, contests, weather, and all the "stuff" that makes the conventions great, the book covers conventions through to SeaTac 2000.

Sample extract from the chapter on "England '84"

Leeds Castle in Kent

Laurel and Hardy Convention

The visit to Leeds Castle was a long afternoon into evening affair. The motor coach drivers enjoyed the festivities with the rest of the Sons, perhaps a smidgen too much. One of the coaches left before the end of the evening for the convenience of those who wanted to retire early. The driver was somewhat inebriated. The coach was parked facing upward on a slope leading down to a pond of indeterminate depth. The parking area was very far from the lighted area around the castle; darkness, except for the gleam from the water, was transcendent.

The coach driver couldn't get the coach into forward gear. He would work diligently with the gear shift, producing much grating of gears, then release the clutch. Despite his efforts, the coach kept backing up a few feet. At first this action caused much guffawing; but as it continued the coach was drawing ever closer to the pond. Nervousness set in; murmurings of departing the bus could be heard. The tense silence of apprehension filled the coach. The atmosphere must have gotten through to the driver, who, at last, called one of his supervisors over, and that gentleman was able to pull the coach up the slope onto the paved surface. A cheer went up from the relieved Sons, but that wasn't the end of the evening.

The driver, realizing by now that he was in poor shape, drove very slowly back to London. So slowly, in fact, that the other coaches, carrying the partygoers who had reveled until the last of the festivities, passed it. The Sons in the last coaches were already in their rooms when the first bus finally arrived.

Laurel and Hardy Convention hosted by the HELPMATES

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