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With Stan in drag, the boys get jobs as a butler and maid for a dinner party at the Vandevere's. After that ends in disaster, they're reduced to sweeping streets, and accidentally capture a bank robber. The grateful bank president sends them to Oxford for a proper education. There they become victims of student pranks, getting lost in the Maze and taking over the Dean's quarters as their own. But then a knock on the head gets Stan to believing he's the famed Lord Paddington, scholar and athlete extraordinaire. Suddenly erudite and supercilious, he retains Oliver as his valet, "Fatty."

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Stan playing golf

Stan in Lord Paddington garb taking a break

Ollie playing Golf

Ollie also takes a break from filming. GERMAN STILL.

More Games

Fellow comedy actor ,Harry Langdon(second left) enjoys a game with Stan and Babe between shots.

Harry was working as a screenwriter for the film.

Laurel and Hardy in a CHUMP AT OXFORD

Stan Laurel Oliver hardy Chump at Oxford

Filming the students marching.

Spot Peter Cushing

A young PETER CUSHING (middle of photo) also appeared in this film.

The Chump at Oxford busts Laurel and hardyTalented sculptor Neil Sims has produced another fine set of busts, this time depicting the 'Boys' in their CHUMP AT OXFORD garb. I am sure this will be as popular as his other sets, so do order early if you would like to be one of the first to own these.


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