Holiday Inn Hotel, Chatham, Kent. ME5 9SF
– Sunday 1st May 2011

Was it Worth It?  Yes it Was!

We approached staging the Convention with a great deal of caution as, over the years, it has been getting harder and harder to coax people out of their homes. It isn’t that many years ago when the only time you could watch Laurel & Hardy films was at a Convention, but now, with the proliferation of computers and DVDs, everyone has access in the home. It was so heartening therefore to have over 150 dedicated, loyal, and even NEW Laurel & Hardy fans attend.

At one stage I checked the bars and the lounge areas, only to find them empty. Had there been a fire alarm I hadn’t heard, and everyone had evacuated to the car park? Before following that theory I checked the two Film Rooms, and found them both PACKED. What a wonderful feeling that was – to find everyone bonded by that common theme of “laugh-alonga-Laurel and Hardy.” It would seem that all of them had took note of the statement we had made in our pre-Convention invite that To watch Laurel & Hardy films on DVD at home is one thing, but to watch them on a big screen, in a room filled with scores of other fans laughing out loud, makes for one heck of a great atmosphere. DON’T MISS IT!” – as so many of you made sure not to miss it.

Laurel and Hardy Convention 2011

We would like to extend a sincere “Thank You” to you all. Without your support, it would obviously have not happened, which may well have jeopardised the staging of future Conventions. What was doubly heartening was that in the extremely complimentary feedback we have received to date, most of you said words to the effect: “See you at the next one.” Because of this response, we have already committed ourselves to next year, and have booked the hotel for the corresponding date in May 2012 ( Sunday May 6th- Bank Holiday Weekend) .

Meanwhile, here is what they said about this year’s:


Hi Rob,
              Have just got back from the convention and just want to say that my brother Howard and I had a great time and hope very much you do another convention next year. Thanks very much.
Dave Bradley

Hi Rob,
Just to say what a great weekend it was for the Convention. Myself and Andrew had a great time. I was on the edge of my seat when A.J Marriot was doing the talk on the U.S tours with the photos and the film footage. Was well pleased to see it. Andrew and myself found A.J very funny. He broke the ice right away. A big thank you to all and all the hard work that had gone into it and a big ‘YES’ - I would say to do it again.
Adrian Scott

Hi Rob,
Just want to say I thought the convention was GREAT! It's the first one I've been to and I enjoyed it enormously. It was good to talk to some of the guys and to see some of the films on the big screen again. I know it takes a lot of planning and effort to put these events on, and it really came together well. I guess you'll probably need a rest now to recover!! Thanks again, All the best,
Dave Pickard

Hi Rob
Just wanted to reiterate my thanks for the convention. It was worth the drive down and was the highlight of my Easter break. I hope you will undertake another convention next year. It's obvious that that you put a lot of effort into the event, but people do appreciate it. Regards,
Steve Dykes


"Just to say again.... everything was great yesterday. Thank you! Hopefully see you again next year!"
Joanne Mitchell-Waite


What a great day at the convention..seeing friends that I haven't seen for years...a day of laughter...new friends and Stan and Ollie...perfect day...thanks Rob

Tony Butcher


Laurel and Hardy Film Room ONE


I’m sure you would all like to thank the people who put in so much work to make it all possible: First and foremost Richard Ellis who supplied and ran the considerable amount of visual and audio equipment. To Trevor Dorman – who worked out the programme, supplied some very rare footage and re-constructed films, plus inserted many instructive, amusing and informative title cards into the programme. To Celia for running the Raffle - to those who you who donated the wonderful prizes - and all of you who bought tickets. Others helping were Kevin Doig – who did such a stalwart job into making sure everything was running to schedule, and compering the special events. Not forgetting David Wyatt, for some specialist clips, and those ‘experts’ who were on hand throughout the day to answer all you question about the Boys – Dave Tomlinson; Glenn Mitchell; Russell Babidge, Ray Andrew, Antony Mitchell-Waite, and “A.J” Marriot.

The Laurel and Hardy sales room

PART OF THE 'LAUREL & HARDY SALES ROOM- BEFORE EVERYBODY ARRIVED! Full of items from around the World, old, new and original memorabilia.

In summary, it was a wonderful FAMILY atmosphere, made possible by the huge number of family parties who attended. To see so many people, in a safe, warm, and happy atmosphere; to witness them mixing and mingling and making friends old and new, was very touching, and gives rise to the answer “Yes! it was all worth it.



If you would like to write in and tell us how much you enjoyed it, we can post more comments and photographs, as and when received. Meanwhile enjoy the ones we have so far.

See you next year.

Rob Lewis (Grand Shiek – Helpmates)


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