Clint Eastwood

Is Clint Eastwood

Stan Laurel's Son


I have lost count how many times I have been asked this question. This Urban Myth has spread all over the place and has even turned up in pub quizes. So, I though it would be a good idea to put the record straight with this web page.

Stan Laurel


The source of the myth was an Italian newspaper from the days that Clint Eastwood was making spaghetti westerns in Italy. An article on Eastwood was illustrated by a portrait of a happily smiling Eastwood (maybe he had just made his *last* Italian western) and the caption pointed out the likeness to Stan smiling. I heard from a source close to the Laurel family that Mr. Eastwood knew about the story and used to scratch his heads when asked about it.-Bram Reijnhoudt.

A British Kids comic also printed a photo of Clint with his hair sticking up on end. Somebody wrote to the comic saying his spiky hair looked like Stan's. So the next week they printed their photo's side by side with a 'JOKE' caption saying that' Who knows Clint could be Stan's son'.  I have seen this comic way back in the 70's-  Rob Lewis

That was how the MYTH was born.

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