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You can now pre-order Randy Skretvedt's new Magic Behind The Movies Book from UK and European fans can make a big saving ,as the post worked out as only $7.98 to ship to the UK. The book is BIG and heavy coming in 6lbs:



laurel and hardy latest news MAY 8th. :  LAUREL & HARDY 2017 CALENDAR / NEW CLOCK / CONVENTION.


I have just put up the PRE- ORDER web page for the 2017 'Laurel & Hardy Calendar'. I have seen all the proofs and I am pleased with what I saw. Just go here to PRE-ORDER : 2017 CALENDAR


I have also added a new clock, sculpted by Alan Harvey and solid resin cast ( its heavy), these will be made to order and shipped to you direct by Alan. They will go out via signed for mail ( and AIRMAIL). Its on our CAR STICKERS page, so scroll down: NEW CLOCK


ADVANCE NOTICE: Our full sales stall will be at: SCI FI BY THE SEA Herne Bay on June 19th!






Laurel and Hardy Convention






The March issue of our Laurel and Hardy Magazine has just been mailed out to all our subscribers, worldwide.

In it you will find details of a forthcoming cinema-release bio-pic, centred on Laurel and Hardy’s last British Tour. Filming is due to commence in December. Talking of the 1953-54 Tour, we feature a set of recently discovered photos, taken from a private dinner Stan and Babe attended, when in Hull.

In Auction Watch, we reveal an amazing find from one of Laurel & Hardy’s early shorts, and from Stan and Babe’s US Tours we find the cop who replaced the cop who went missing. We also have a revealing article in which we find Hal Roach’s daughter hiding in plain sight. Yet more finds are some fabulous lobby cards from the silent film Why Girls Love Sailor, plus some rare behind-the scenes photos taken during the making of other films. That’s a whole lot of “finds,” but you will find even more when you read it.

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Well, our recent car stickers proved have proved very popular, so we have had another limited run .  In addition we have produced a James Finlayson 'FIN DOHHH' sticker as well . All these stickers are now in stock,  so you can order them NOW!

Laurel and Hardy live on stage UK Tour





A Star Studded Tribute To Laurel & Hardy. June 16th 2016.
Mark your diaries and bookmark this website. More special guests to be announced.



As many of you know, about 3 years ago Neil Sims passed on all his bust moulds to Luke Johnston. Sadly, Luke ceased making them about 14 months ago, as he went to work overseas. Well, the GOOD NEWS IS that Neil Sims has been in touch to say he intends to start producing them again. Once he gets all set up, I will put them all back on our web site. There is a good chance of some BRAND NEW sets as well!!



 We sold out of the 2016 Calendar just before Christmas, so as CULT COLLECTABLES were happy with our sales, they have agreed to do a 2017 edition. I will be travelling up to London to meet up with Paul Shoefield to come up with ideas for next years theme.


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DADS ARMY MUGS T SHIRTS GLASSES Thunderbirds Captain Scarlet Laurel and Hardy


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Steve Coogan And John C. Reilly To Star As Stan Laurel And Oliver Hardy In Jon S. Baird’s ‘Stan & Ollie’


 Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly have come on-board Jon S. Baird’s Stan & Ollie to star as comic geniuses Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy respectively. The inspired casting will see Coogan and Reilly portraying both the highs and lows of the iconic Laurel & Hardy, one of comedy’s all-time great double acts.

Faye Ward’s Fable Pictures will produce the film, which was developed by BBC Films. Penned by award-winning screenwriter Jeff Pope (Philomena) whose Sonesa Films banner is also on-board to produce, and directed by Jon S. Baird (Vinyl, Filth), Stan & Ollie celebrates the duo’s unique friendship and legendary working partnership. In a major coup for producer Faye Ward and her relatively new banner Fable Pictures, the rights to the work of Laurel and Hardy has been licensed by Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation.

The film will focus on the now-legendary 1953 tour embarked on by the ageing duo. Once the world’s favourite comedy double act, but now diminished by age and their golden era a distant memory, Laurel & Hardy set out on a variety hall tour of Britain in 1953. As they set out, crisscrossing the country, attendances are disappointingly low. But they’ve always been able to make each other laugh and as the charm and beauty of their performances shines through their audiences laugh too, and they re-connect with legions of adoring fans, old and new.The tour becomes a hit, but Laurel & Hardy can’t quite shake the spectre of Stan and Ollie’s past; and long buried ghosts, coupled with Oliver’s failing health, start to threaten their precious partnership. A portrait of the most tender and poignant of creative marriages begins to unfold as the duo, aware that they may be approaching their swan song, try to rediscover just how much they mean to each other.

“I feel privileged to have been entrusted to bring to screen the magnificent lives and work of comedy legends, Laurel and Hardy,” said Faye Ward, who most recently also produced the well-received Suffragette starring Carey Mulligan and Meryl Streep. “It is incredibly exciting to be working with such a fantastic and collaborative team. Steve and John are a dream partnership and with Jon directing Jeff’s moving and affectionate screenplay, I know this will be a film to treasure for fans both old and new.”

“Like so many others I grew up watching Laurel & Hardy and I’m therefore honoured to help bring this incredible true story of love, laughter and friendship to the big screen,” said Jon S. Baird, who most recently directed James MacAvoy-starrer Filth and has a number of buzzy projects in development, including an Ivanhoe adaptation with Irvine Welsh that Basil Iwanyk is producing.

“Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are my heroes,” said Jeff Pope, who won awards and acclaim for his Philomena screenplay. “When I watch their movies, in my head it is forever a Saturday morning and I am six years old watching the TV at home utterly spellbound. I am aware of the huge responsibility of bringing their characters to life, but I have not treated the boys with kid gloves or looked at them through rose coloured specs. They are living and breathing characters, with flaws and shortcomings. The research into this story threw up so many details and facts that I had no idea about. But everything I have done has come from a place of love and more than anything else I hope this shines through.”

“John C Reilly and Steve Coogan are dream casting for Stan & Ollie, bringing to life with uncanny accuracy and irresistible gusto the genius creative marriage that Jeff Pope’s script explores so lovingly,” said BBC Films head honcho Christine Langan. “With Faye Ward producing and Jon Baird at the helm, BBC Films is extremely excited to crank up production of this gem in 2016.”

The film will be a Fable Pictures and Sonesta Films production, produced by Faye Ward and exec produced by Christine Langan and Nichola Martin for BBC Films, as well as Jeff Pope for Sonesta Films and Gabrielle Tana.

Steve Coogan is repped by Independent Talent Group and CAA. John C. Reilly is repped by WME and Framework Entertainment.

Ward is emerging as one of the UK’s most interesting producers. In addition to Suffragette, she is also prepping Country Music , with rising star Karen Gillan attached to play a young singer from Glasgow who dreams of making it to Nashville. Nicole Taylor (The C Word) has written the script with Dominic Cooke (Hollow Point) set to make his feature directorial debut with the project. The BFI, Creative Scotland and Film4 are financing. Eugenio Perez is co-producing.



Jan. 2nd 2016:  HAPPY NEW YEAR


First of all, I would like to wish all of you a HAPPY FUN FILLED NEW YEAR, we have plenty to look forward to during 2016. Make a note on your 2016 CALENDAR for October 29th for our annual 'Laurel & Hardy Convention'. Our theme then will be: “The Boys All At Sea.” Full details will be released around March .

Also make a note of these dates: Our stall with L&H will be at ‘Sci-Fi By The Sea’, Herne Bay, on Sunday June 19th ; and a new event, ‘INVICTACON’, at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel (over the road from our Holiday Inn convention hotel) on Sunday August 7th.

Recently we did a trial run of Car stickers and offered them to our members, I am pleased to say they almost sold out.
So I have now
moved the remainder to our : EBAY STORE
PS. I have just heard from NEIL SIMS, the good news is that he plans to re-start production of his busts and figures!



The latest issue of The Laurel and Hardy Magazine has been mailed to all subscribers worldwide today.

In this Winter Special you will find a report on our highly successful ‘Laurel & Hardy Helpmates Halloween Convention’; and a second report on the recent London screening of the restored version of The Battle of the Century, with its newly found ‘lost’ reel.

We have a ‘Re-print from the past’ of a 1934 magazine article, written by an English journalist who visited Stan and Ollie on the set of Babes in Toyland. Stan and Babe are seen making visits of their own, this time to two newspaper printing works – one in the US, and one in the UK.

Our main feature is a 4-page spread, showing us behind-the-scenes activities during the making of Way Out West, in which you are all invited to the Ball. That’s all!

Add to this items of News, Merchandise, Media and Software releases, plus our usual mix of rare photos, and you have something to suit everyone’s favourite aspects of the ‘Life and Works of Laurel & Hardy’ — in this professionally printed, colour A4 magazine.



Laurel and Hardy: The Magic Behind the Movies by Randy Skretvedt, to me is the ultimate book on the films of the greatest comedy team. It draws upon decades of research and exclusive interviews by the foremost L&H authority, Randy Skretvedt, and it’s written in his humorous, inimitable style.
But author Skretvedt is a restless soul. Once the first edition was published in 1987, he continued his research. And when the book went back to print in 1994, he updated it, as he did again when it returned to print in 1996. At that point the manuscript had grown to 300,000 words and 250 photos. Child’s play!
Skretvedt has devoted the last 20 years to creating the ultimate edition of his Laurel and Hardy masterpiece—with nearly 500,000 scintillating words and 1,000 rare photos. 
The book will be first released as a SPECIAL edition, then later as a more affordable edition that can be despatched to fans, perhaps from an online source such as amazon. But if you are interested in the deluxe hardback, then go here: KICKSTARTER




Laurel and Hardy XMAS BOOKS


LAUREL AND HARDY BOOKS FOR SALE: If you have a friend or relative who loves Laurel & Hardy, the perfect gift would be a brand-new, first-edition, signed book about them. Or, if the book is for you, you can even get 2 of the titles for half-price (as long as you don’t mind some superficial marks on the cover). For further details go to: LAUREL AND HARDY BOOKS



AJ and myself have just submitted all of the WINTER ' Laurel & Hardy Magazine' to TT Litho, so the ball is rolling, we hope to get them all in the mail on December 18th, so you get it in time for Christmas.



We have had our last delivery of the 2016 'Laurel & Hardy Calendar' produced by 'CELEBRITY MERCHANDISE', it was a short limited run, so once these are gone THATS IT!

To order yours just GO HERE:  2016 CALENDAR 




At our recent October Convention, we introduced TWO new T Shirts, as these proved very popular indeed, I have added them to our web site. GO HERE: T SHIRT PAGE ONE


As we are drawing near to the FESTIVE PERIOD I have been updating our CATALOGUE and adding items. We have just got hold of the very last stocks of the 'LAUREL & HARDY - SOUND SHORTS' book. GO HERE: SOUND SHORTS




So, why not take a spin round the 'Laurel and Hardy Catalogue' today, as we have lots of items still on offer. Don't forget we have our FILM FUNSTER STORE where you can use the same cart as the L&H Catalogue and check out all your items together. We have the new HAL ROACH documentary in stock + more!!


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The last week has flown by since our 'Laurel and Hardy Convention', we have now put up a web page with a report about the event and photos, so just GO HERE:  CONVENTION REPORT WEB PAGE






To find out what was on the newly discovered REEL 2 of BATTLE OF THE CENURY go to this page to read Glenn Mitchells screening notes: BATTLE OF THE CENURY REVIEW






The latest issue of The Laurel and Hardy Magazine has been mailed to all subscribers worldwide today.

In it you will find the story of Stan Laurel meeting up with a music hall act he had worked with when touring with the Fred Karno Company; accompanied by some very rare photos of that reunion. We trace the provenance of Stan Laurel’s trilby from the day it was bought, through to a recent auction at which it went up for sale. Next we have a 2-page spread on Laurel and Hardy being mobbed when they visited Stan’s former town, North Shields. Our ‘Letters’ page reveals some interesting finds from some of our readers; and our main feature is a wonderful 4-page article on The Battle of the Century, in which Trevor Dorman fills us in, in fine detail, on the amazing recent find of reel 2 – illustrated with some fabulous film stills.

With our usual mix of News, Merchandise, Media and Software releases, and yet more rare photos added, we have yet again covered many aspects of the life and works of Laurel & Hardy in this high-gloss, professionally printed, colour A4 magazine.

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