Laurel and Hardy Movie Locations

The Big Business House

Laurel and hardy BIG BUSINESS HOUSE

The Big Business House can be seen in the background of this photograph.

Laurel and Hardy Hollywood locations

Here is the house as it is today, 10281 Dunleer Drive, Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles.

James Finlayson Laurel and Hardy

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A special thanks must go to Bob Satterfield of the 'Way out West' Tent who found many of the 'Laurel and Hardy' locations. I fully recommend that you try and get hold of the special 'PRATFALL' magazine called 'Laurel and Hardywood'. You can contact the 'Way out West Tent' from the links page of our web site.

Bob has been our tour guide on many occasions when we have toured the locations. I should say,that this is a private address, and you should respect the owners privacy.

The film of BIG BUSINESS is available on DVD in Europe and the USA,see our DVD pages for details.

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