We are incredibly excited to announce exclusively to the ‘ Laurel & Hardy Magazine' ,that a brand new recording of the voices of ‘the Boys' has been found. This was discovered by Geoff and Beryl Lowndes . Here Geoff explains the story behind the recording:

" At the latter end of World War Two and for some years later, Beryl's father, himself a casualty of World War One, devoted almost all of his spare time to setting up a small workshop for the disabled ,through the British limbless Ex-Service Men's Association (B.L.E.S.M.A.) of which he was the local secretary.

"The workshop produced lightweight (alloy) office furniture etc., and was able to support/represent the local wounded in claiming various benefits or making appeals, possibly through tribunals, for pension rights.

"Through his many connections and some previous experience in a local film enterprise, we understand he was able to arrange for a recording to take place at the Palace Theatre (and possible replayed at the Odeon Theatre in Blackpool) during one of the ‘Boys' tours. We are fairly certain this would have been in 1947.

"The recording is on a 10", single sided, presumably vulcanite/wax, or whatever, on a steel base , and whilst it is probable usually played at 78 r.p.m., there is a note on the label itself that states it should be played at 80 r.p.m. As we understand it , it is the original disc , the one and only cut and is therefore unique- though the boys may have made similar appeals on their tour(s)."

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