Perfect Day



Filming 'Perfect Day'. Note: The microphone hanging into view.


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The Perfect Day House as it is today. Located at: 3120 Vera Ave, Culver City.

Another scene outside the house.

Laurel and Hardy in PERFECT DAY

stanlio and Ollio

A special thanks must go to Bob Satterfield of the 'Way out West' Tent who found many of the 'Laurel and Hardy' locations. I fully recommend that you try and get hold of the special 'PRATFALL' magazine called 'Laurel and Hardywood', although it may be out of print now.

Bob has been our tour guide on many occasions when we have toured the locations.

I should say, that this is a private address, and you should respect the owners privacy.

Sound truck

Laurel and Hardy in the back of the Hal Roach sound truck, surrounded by Little Rascals.

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One of the funniest sound effects you'll ever hear occurs in this priceless early 'talkie' from Laurel and Hardy. Pin your ears back when Stan literally "throws out the clutch" from that passenger-hating car, and Ollie responds by clobbering him with it. That, and the constant abuse dished out to grumpy Uncle Edgar's gouty foot, the childish sandwich-throwing, the irritating little dog and the brick-throwing neighbour crack me up every time. And it's still quite amazing to hear Edgar Kennedy suddenly muttering "Oh, s**t!" just before the arrival of the parson - how did nobody (least of all the censors) notice this back in the 'twenties?

Vintage Laurel and Hardy slapstick. It doesn't get much better than this.