Wrong Again

Behind the scenes.

Laurel and Hardy

Getting in position ready for the shot.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

Blue Boy stands patiently on the piano.

Laurel and Hardy in Wrong Again

Tea Break!

Laurel laural lorel hardy Films

Stan with 'Our Gang'.

Laurel and Hardy Blue Boy Horse wrong again

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"Wrong Again," a 1929 two-reeler directed by Leo McCarey, has Laurel & Hardy as a pair of stable hands who hear that the "Blue Boy" as been stolen and their is a huge reward. Of course it is the famous painting by Gainsborough that has been stolen, but the boys think it is the horse of the same name from their stable. When they go to the millionaire's home to claim their reward, the boys are instructed to bring Blue Boy in and put is on the piano: so they do. "Wrong Again" is another one of those early sound efforts where the record has been lost and we are left with the silent version.Laurel,Hardy,Laurel and Hardy, Stan ,Oliver, Model T Ford, Fan , Clubs,video, videos, audio,Official, videos, feature films, silent movies,comedy classics, Sons of the Desert, Hal Roach, comedy, Way out West, Stanlio and Ollio